10 Questions-to Ask Before Hiring a Minneapolis Duct Cleaning Company

More than likely you are here because you already understand the importance of getting you air ducts, furnace, chimney and dryer vents professionally cleaned. We hope you’ll consider using our company and are sure you won’t be disappointed. We’ve been in business for well over 15 years now and have established a proven track record to show for it. We understand that choosing the right Minneapolis duct cleaning company to clean your home’s heating and cooling system can be difficult with the wide range of companies providing this service and with equally as many confusing choices on the cost of duct cleaning. So how do you make the right choice?

Here’s 10 questions to ask which may help you hire the top duct cleaning company in Mpls, MN

Minneapolis Duct Cleaning Reviews

Minneapolis Duct Cleaning Reviews

  1. First, does the duct cleaner have a solid track record with the BBB and the Chamber of Commerce? Doing your homework here, could save you a lot of headaches down the road. While many people simply call the company and make a determination based on what the receptionist sounds like, a quick investigation may uncover unresolved issues.
  2. Second, what is their online reputation like? Read Minneapolis duct cleaning reviews in places like Insider Pages, Citysearch, YellowBotJudys Book, Manta and other online directories who give the consumer an option to leave an online review of the company. While it’s possible that some of the reviews may be fake, it’s hard to conceal the negative reviews. Another source to look to is Facebook. Find out if they have a fab page and what people are saying.
  3. Thirdly, is the companies pricing flat rate, or open ended? They should be able to give you a total price over the phone and allow you to even write the check out before hand. Oftentimes, unscrupulous duct cleaners will advertise a price only to explain that it doesn’t include everything. Here’s a few questions to ask when checking what is and isn’t included in the cost of duct cleaning:
  4. Do you clean BOTH the hot and cold air returns? A gimmick many cleaners use is to only clean the hot air return, when in most cases, it’s actually the cold air return that is the dirtiest. Duct Cleaning Twin Cities cleans both the hot and cold air returns, regardless of the price.
  5. Do you clean all the branch lines? Branch lines generally don’t get as dirty as the cold air return, so many companies skip over them. At Duct Cleaning Twin Cities we clean all the branch lines, even if there is only a little dust in them.
  6. Does it matter how many vents I have in my home? A sneaky way to run up the bill is to point out the fine print in the ad which says it’s for the first 10 bents. Since the average home has over 20 vents, it’s easy to get the customer to pay more to complete the job, rather than leave it half finished. At Duct Cleaning Twin Cities, we don’t count vents. We clean all the duct work,  regardless of how many there are.
  7. Do you inspect the furnace? Duct Cleaning Twin Cities provides a free inspection to look for danger signs as well as dirty orifices which restricts the flame, causing your furnace to run inefficiently. It only takes a few minutes by a trained professional to spot problem areas the homeowner should be aware of.
  8. Is your equipment truck mounted or portable? While there may be some portable equipment that works okay, Duct Cleaning Twin Cities uses only heavy duty commercial cleaning equipment which is truck mounted and can’t be carried into your home.
  9. How long does duct cleaning take? some companies like to make a big show out of duct cleaning by attaching video monitoring equipment for you to watch. In those cases, the cleaning process could take several hours. Be prepared to pay top dollar and be ready to shell out as much as $400 or more when you hire one of those companies. Duct Cleaning Twin Cities feels that since we’re only cleaning metal, not fabric or fine art, a thorough job of vent cleaning shouldn’t take more than about 45 minutes, unless your duct work is rather complicated. In that case, the cost is still the same even though it could take an hour or more.
  10. What is their guarantee? A good company should stand behind their work, even if that means refunding money.

We know and understand that the entire duct cleaning industry has created a lot of confusion, especially since your duct work is largely hidden from view. You can pay the big money and watch as the expensive companies send a video camera through your duct work, or you can trust a company like Duct Cleaning Twin Cities which has a sterling reputation and years of experience. We’re ready to clean your air ducts as well as the rest of your heating and cooling system without leaving you feel like you’ve just been taken advantage of.

To get on the Minneapolis duct cleaning schedule, please contact us at: DuctCleaningTwinCities.com, 260 Clarence St, St Paul, MN 55106 (612) 412-1867.


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