Duct Cleaning – RotoBrush Method

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  • Step 1. – Connecting the vacuum – Our air duct cleaning technicians first attach a high powered vacuum to the main trunk line leading to your furnace.
  • Step 2. – Close and seal off vents – Next, they go to each register in the house and close them. This allows the vacuum to be concentrated on each individual branch line as the technicians cleans it.
  • Step 3. – Clean each branch line –  One at a time we use a high velocity blower to blast everything back to our vacuum. We call this the “push-pull” method of air duct cleaning. This blower forces air to push all the debris down to the main trunk-lines while the vacuum is creating negative-pressure to pull all debris into the filter bags.
  • Step 4. – Clean the main return line – Once they have completed the initial air sweep, a soft bristled rotary-brush will be inserted into the trunk line to agitate and loosen the debri. As the brush spins, all the dust and debris becomes airborne and gets pulled by the vacuum into our filter bags.This creates a tornado effect in the duct work, removing all residue from the sides of the air ducts. This rotating brush “scrubs” the walls clean, removing anything, from spider webs and et hair, to construction debris, which has become adhered to, or otherwise attached to the walls of the air vents. Once the ductwork has been scrubbed clean, they will once again use the blower to push any remaining dust and debris that was removed from the side walls of the trunk lines, back to the vacuum.
  • Step 5. The furnace – When the technicians have completed the initial air sweep and “RotoBrushing” the walls of the main trunk line, they will go to the bottom of the furnace and remove any remaining dust and debris on the backside of the furnace filter. Please have a new furnace filter available so we can replace the existing filter. At this point a visual inspection of the furnace will be made and the techs will advise accordingly.

If it has been a while since your air ducts were last cleaned, you should definitely consider using the Rotary Brush Push-Pull Method of cleaning duct work. Unlike many of our competitors, we brush all your air vents and we clean all return lines and supply lines within your household. Our satisfied customers will agree that we have the most efficient and most affordable air duct cleaning process in the area. Call us today to get your furnace and vents cleaned the right way at a price you can afford.

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St Paul, MN 55106
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