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Minneapolis - St Paul Air Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning Twin Cities, serving the entire Minneapolis, MN and St Paul, Minnesota as well as the greater Twin Cities metro area. We offer the following services to local homeowners and small businesses:

Your furnace manufacturer recommends an annual furnace cleaning to keep your furnace operating at peak efficiency which may help lower heating and cooling costs as well as preventing carbon monoxide problems. Clean air ducts means improved indoor air quality and all around fresh air for you and your family. If it's been a while since you've had your air duct work cleaned, why wait? With affordable pricing and an experienced air duct cleaning company who knows heating and cooling systems inside and out, you can put your trust in Duct Cleaning Twin Cities and call 612-412-1867 to schedule an appointment to get today.

*Note: When included with air duct cleaning. Additional charges may apply for dead animal removal and other animal related problems. Prices above are for homes with only one furnace and/or air conditioner. The discounted price will be applied to additional zones if mentioned before arrival.

Mpls - St Paul Services

  • Air duct cleaning
  • Furnace cleaning
  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Chimney sweep
  • A-Coil cleaning
  • A/C clean & check
  • Water heater cleaning
  • Boiler cleaning

Benefits of Duct Cleaning

  • Breathe fresh, clean, healthy air
  • Recommended annually by mfrs for peak efficiency
  • Prevent lint build-up and deadly fires
  • Improve airflow for safety & savings
  • Improved airflow for comfort and lower utility bills
  • Dirty A/C components work harder to cool
  • Water heaters: the leading cause of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Clean gas boilers mean lower heating costs

Choosing the Best Duct Cleaning Company

We understand that choosing the right air duct cleaning service provider can be confusing, with nearly all of them claiming to be the best. As a rule of thumb, a good way to find the top companies is to do a quick search online. You will want to read reviews on the major search engines and directories. Additionaly, you may want to check with the Secretary of State, to see if they are in good standing as well as the BBB. Additional credence should be given to duct cleaners who have been in business for several years and are part of a heating and air conditioning repair and installation company.

Don't entrust your heating/cooling equipment to just anyone.

If your system is is not working correctly, a well trained technician should be able to find it right away and advise you accordingly. Those who do only duct cleaning, or offer it as an additional service to carpet cleaning etc., may not be able to properly inspect and diagnose your equipment. Most St Paul and Minneapolis homeowners feel more comfortable working with an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) company. The technicians at Duct Cleaning Twin Cities work out of the same office as the furnace and A/C repair technicians do, and as a result will have a better understanding of how your heating and cooling system functions. We encourage you to take your time and hire a company you will be well satisfied with and will continue to be a resource for you well into the future.

Many people think that since they don't have pets, their furnace vents are probably clean. That's not usually the case. In our experience, there are many reasons why duct cleaning is needed and why they get so dirty. Over time as air is recirculated through a house, dust settles in the vents all the way from the registers through the ductwork and down into the furnace.

Duct Cleaning Examples around the Minneapolis area

For example, when a house is remodeled, the furnace fan has most likely been running. If the remodel happened in the summer, the air conditioner was running, or if it was during the winter, the furnace was running. Either way, the fan was running which means air was being recirculated through the home. So, while the construction is going on, the sawdust, sheetrock dust, and other construction debris is being drawn into the duct work via the air return vents. These return lines act as vacuum cleaners and pull anything within reach into the system.

One reason that some duct work gets dirtier faster than others is where the vent openings are located. We find that the closer the vents are to the floor, the quicker they get dirty. Newer houses have some of the registers located near the ceiling. Those vents don't get dirty nearly as fast as the lower vents. Another feature of newer homes is that the openings tend to be several inches off the floor. By placing them as little as six inches higher, floor level dust doesn't make it into the furnace vents nearly as fast.

Another contributing factor is where the clothes dryer is located in the home. If it's been a while since dryer vent cleaning has been performed, that lint doesn't make it out the house as easily and lint particles have a much higher likelihood of becoming airborne. In this situation, if there is a furnace duct located near the laundry room, lint will naturally be drawn into the system. For this reason, we always stress the importance of having the clothes dryer duct cleaned annually.

take your time and hire a company you will be well satisfied with and will continue to be a resource for you well into the future.

Thanks for visiting our duct cleaning site, please call if you have any questions, or would like to get on the schedule, please CALL: 612-412-1867.

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