The Importance of Duct Cleaning and Allergies

Allergies are becoming increasingly common especially in as one ages. The allergic symptoms often strike most people leaving them worried and without hope. Some end up thinking that they contracted a viral infection. There are certain allergy seasons that you will commonly hear people complaining of various symptoms like:

  • “I feel my head is heavy and compacted.” frequently associated with sinus blockage.
  • “My throat aches” frequently, a sore throat is a result of post sinus drip from nasal congestion.”
  • “I feel sore or with run-down” frequently ensuing from excessive nasal fluid generation or subsequent disease.

With proper measures in place, it is possible to deal with allergies and related infections. There are many articles talking about allergies although most of them give their topics a scientific approach and forget to address basics like home air improvement.

Managing Allergies

With respect to the kind of allergic reaction and where your home is, the time of anxiety can begin as early as January or start as late as September. But regardless that time of the year sends your allergic reactions in to overdrive. Below are two causes and how to manage allergy.

  • Improve Internal Air Quality – Most people’s allergies and air borne infections are triggered by their indoor allergens. Dust is the most common allergen in homes. Cleaning the air duct system, air conditioners and ventilation is one way to reduce these air-borne allergens. Clogged air ducts pollutes the indoor air and slows down the filtration of dust particles. Therefore, improve your air quality by having your air circulation appliances cleaned up regularly. You may also prevent costly repairs and unnecessarily high energy bills.
  • Avoid contact with allergens– The ultimate allergy solution is prevention. It is important to stay away from allergens. Some airborne allergens like pollen and dust must be avoided at all times. Pollen are usually common during hot hours of the day since their moisture is evaporated and hence become loose and light. If you are able to know your allergen, then it would be easy to manage. Less symptoms will be seen if all measures to avoid allergens are taken into consideration. You can use a face mask when in open places.
  • Clean your surroundingsDust mites flourish in the very mattress you sleep on. Most people spend a third of their life in bed and as we move around dead skin works it’s way into the mattress. Our perspiration provides a perfect moisture source for these dust mites and when combined with dead skin, they are able to multiply. Have your mattress cleaned regularly with a UV-C light. Also, your carpet is a great place for other living things to thrive, so have them cleaned often as well.

It is estimated that up to 50 million United States citizens suffer from allergic related infections. Up to 80% of this allergic infections are caused by poor indoor air quality. It is therefore important to address the indoor air quality so as to minimize allergic infections. You can find a good number of professionals ready to clean your home air systems. Consult them and have allergies kicked out of your home.
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