Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is Essential for a Lot of Factors

Indoor air quality is a vitally important element of creating and maintaining healthy facilities.  IAQ and how your heating and air conditioning equipment impacts it, ought to be a common concern considering that the typical American usually spends a lot of their time inside their home, workplace, or other indoor structure.

Ventilation:  The process of furnishing and extracting air by natural or mechanical means both to and from any area. Ventilation Rate – The rate at which outside air penetrates a home displacing interior air. Venting offers an efficient method for diluting the concentration of all indoor air contaminants.

Environmental advantages: Cleaning products consist of numerous ingredients which generate damaging ecological consequences. Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS), or contact with second hand smoke, is believed to result in an additional 53,000 fatalities in the USA, mainly as a result of cancer of the lung and heart related problems. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) holds its IAQ TfS (Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools) National Symposium in Wash, DC each year, as a means of pulling together previous, current and upcoming leaders in safeguarding and bettering IAQ within our country’s educational institutions.

Pollutants within our homes, which used to escape through cracks around doors and windows, have become trapped inside creating an indoor atmosphere that may be from Two to five times more contaminated than outdoor air. Unfortunately, this is an adverse effect of better insulated homes and buildings which inhibit airflow. Therefore, the air you breathe at home is oftentimes full of pollutants like plant pollen, airborne debris, pet dander and hair, dust mites, cigarette smoke, along with other toxic irritants. A third to one half of all building structures have damp conditions which may promote growth of pollutants such as molds and bacteria, which may result in allergic reactions including asthma and may also spread transmittable diseases.

Mildew, also known as mold or fungi, is an organic material which comes in a range of species and colors and is generally identified by its musty scent. Mold is usually a normal part of our environment and we can’t avoid it entirely. Mold spores travel with wind current and so are deposited on all outdoor and indoor surface types. Mildew and mold also give rise to an inadequate quality of air, and so they too can be managed by improved venting. Mold-related allergies, as well as asthma and upper the respiratory system ailments frequently occur when too many of the lifeless (non-viable) mold spores are suspended in the indoor air.

Indoor air quality can be administered via passive monitors. Indoor air quality for fine air particulate pollution was tested for 10 locations inside 5 casinos in the Kansas City area from June 10 and October 3, 2010 and the data will be available soon. Methods to improve IAQ should be taken including replacement of heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) filters and routine duct cleaning. If you live in the Bloomington, Burnsville, Apple Valley or Eagan area of the twin cities, you may want to give us Duct Cleaning Twin Cities a call at 612-412-1867. Duct Cleaning Twin cities serves the entire Minneapolis, MN are providing the afore mentioned services as well as dryer vent cleaning, furnace cleaning and more.

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