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Duct Cleaning Pros Cons

In this post I will try to give an unbiased view regarding the pros and cons of duct cleaning. Having been involved in the duct cleaning industry for so many years it might be a little difficult though, due to the fact that I have heard so many positive reports.

Duct Cleaning, the Pros and Cons

First the Pros:

  • Source Removal – If you get rid of the “source”, you will get rid of the problem.
  • Clean Air – It only stands to reason; if your ducts are clean the furnace and air conditioner won’t blow it around your home.
  • Health Benefits – Ask any allergist, or allergy sufferer.
  • Very Affordable – For as little as $99 you could have all the air ducts in your home cleaned.
    Fast and Efficient – With two duct cleaners, the process should take less than an hour for a typical home with just one furnace.
  • No Haggling Over Prices – Unlike other domestic services, duct cleaning should be easy to bid over the phone. Nowadays, most duct cleaning companies will give you a price quote over the phone.

Now the Cons:

  • Duct Cleaning Cost – How clean is “clean”? Duct cleaning prices range from $69 – $1,000. This creates a lot of confusion, because the typical homeowner can’t inspect the work.
  • Discount Duct Cleaning – Beware of any company offering $10 off, or $50 off. What is the real duct cleaning cost? Ask $10 off of what price?
  • Per Vent Pricing – Most homeowners are unaware that their home may have 15-30 vents. Even at $10 per vent, this ads up fast.
  • Duct Cleaning Scams – As in any business, duct cleaning companies will pop up from time to time and try to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners.
  • Incomplete Cleaning Methods – Look for companies that will give you a “Whole House Price”. You should be able to provide basic information about your heating and cooling system over the phone and get a price quote. If the duct cleaning company wants to come out to your home to give you a bid, hang onto your wallet!

I hope this post has given you a little insight into the pros and cons of duct cleaning. Remember to always check with consumer watch-dog groups and do a little homework before you hire any contractor to do any type of work in your home. You might also want to read the article 20 Tips on Hiring a Duct Cleaner, published on the website. Or, you can always give us a call at 612-412-1867, or mail in your question to: