Will Duct Cleaning Help My Allergies?

People oftentimes ask us if duct cleaning will help their allergy problems. Our answer is always the same, ‘It can’t hurt!’. The truth of the matter is, when done correctly, it shouldn’t irritate your allergies. Will it help? Our customers and leading allergists say ‘yes’, air duct cleaning does help. So why don’t we come out and say, “Duct cleaning will help your allergies.”? Well, because an outdated, 10 year old EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) report says duct cleaning won’t help.

Duct Cleaning Techniques Have Greatly Improved

Way back in 1997 the EPA did a study that down played the importance of duct cleaning. Many feel this was due in large part to the “air duct cleaning scams” that were being reported all across the Minneapolis area as well as the entire US. While the report was very thorough, duct cleaning techniques and equipment has changed. “Duct cleaners” were running around in station wagons and mini-vans with a shopvac, calling themselves “Indoor Air Quality Professionals.

Allergists Agree, Duct Cleaning Helps

Allergy sufferers don’t need to travel very far to learn the benefits of air duct cleaning. A short visit with their local allergy clinic and they discover that duct cleaning ranks high on the list of allergy cleaning or allergy proofing a house. They will also learn the importance of things like; like mattress cleaning, freezing pillows, allergy bedding, etc), Most people who suffer from allergies know there is no cure-all which will relieve all their symptoms. They understand that air duct cleaning is just one part of the allergy cleaning process.

Is Duct Cleaning Right in Your Situation?

According to your furnace manufacturer (yes, Trane, Bryant, Amana, Carrier, Lennox… yes, everyone of them!), your furnace should be cleaned and inspected yearly. If the manufacturers all recommend annual cleaning, it stands to reason that your ductwork, which supplies un-filtered air to the furnace and heated or cooled air to your home, should be cleaned too. Most homeowners understand the benefits of duct cleaning, even if purely from a “heating and air conditioning maintenance” standpoint. For about $200 or less, a qualified Twin Cities air duct cleaning company will thoroughly clean all your air duct work and will inspect your furnace and air conditioner for no additional charge! So, if you are troubled by allergies, what do you have to lose? Schedule to have your air ducts cleaned today. Who knows, your allergy problems just might improve!

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    Most allergies can be treated by corticosteroids and also some antihistamine blockers.~`”

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